Saturday, December 21, 2013

There is a little story behind the creation of the newest kilt at UT Kilts, the Ultimate Utility / Modern kilt with Comfort Waist.  I have been wearing kilts for some time now and thoroughly enjoy it.  I love the freedom of movement that wearing a kilt brings.  As I was sitting down to a formal dinner several months back, I was thinking that there must be a way that I could make a kilt that has a waist that could expand and contract as my body needed it.  Unless you are standing still, everyone's waist has movement that changes how things fit and feel.  So I came up with this idea of having a comfort waist made from an elastic material.  The key was to make it so you could not see on the waist that it was elastic.  This is where the idea of this new kilt was born.  With a little dedication (the design of this kilt started in May!), and some trial and error, we were able to come up with this amazing kilt.  Not only does it have this amazing comfortable waist, but it has enough pockets to carry anything you need.  It comes with two side cargo pockets, along with two back pockets.  In addition to that, there are also two slash pockets (jeans type pockets) on either aside.  There is also a pocket underneath the front apron.  This kilt has more than enough room for all the things you carry with you.  Check out the detailed description below along with a video of each of the new features.

Ultimate Utility / Modern Kilt with Comfort Waist

The UT Ultimate utility / modern kilt is revolutionizing kilt wearing.  This kilt features the most pockets on just about any kilt.  The Ultimate kilt also has Comfort Waist.  The only waist that adjust to YOU, not the other way around.  Here are the features of this amazing kilt:

  • Comfort Waist – Exclusively from UTK
The exclusive UTK Comfort Waist is going to change how you feel about kilts.  This Comfort Waist is an expandable waist that adjust to fit your size perfectly.  No adjusting of the kilt is necessary.  It will be the most comfortable kilt that you will ever wear.
  • Under-apron Front Pocket
A large pocket located underneath the front apron allows for a quick and easy storage, no sporran needed!
  • Two large side cargo pockets.
Go ahead!  Try and fill these up.  These are very large size cargo pockets with outside storage on the top of each pocket

  • Two back pockets
Two good size back pockets.  One has a flap that snaps shut, while the other is left open for easy access.

  • Two jeans-like slash pockets on either side
Still need more room?  Look no further than your hips, right above your cargo pockets.  There are TWO, deep slash pockets that will hold just about anything.  This allow for easy access to things like wallet, keys, cellphone, etc. that you need to get to quickly.  Does your current utility kilt do that?
  • Made from 100% Cotton material
The Ultimate is made from a durable Cotton fabric.  Rest assured this kilt will last!
  • Black Antique Hardware
All the hardware on this kilt is a black antique finish.  It matches perfectly with many of the kilt belt buckles we currently offer.
  • USA Seller with 2-3 day shipping
I ship within 1 business day.  Most people receive their kilt within 2 days. 
  • Standard 23" drop on all sizes

No one else sells this quality of kilt, with the same features, for the price I am offering.  I guarantee your satisfaction. 
Welcome to the most comfortable kilt wearing experience you will ever have!  

Friday, November 29, 2013

100% Traditional Wool Tartan Kilts.

These are just a few of the samples of the 100% Men's wool tartan Scottish kilts that are available for special order:

Douglas Tartan

MacMillan Black Tartan

Scottish National Tartan

Robertson Red Tartan

I have never believed that you needed to pay hundreds of dollars for a quality men's wool kilt.  Now, you don't have to.  UT Kilts now offers wool kilts for only $95.  Do not let the price fool you!  This is a quality made tartan kilt.  It is made from 13 oz wool fabric.  Depending on what size you order, 6 to 8 yards are used to make this kilt.  This ensures a good number of deep pleats so that all important 'swing' is there.  They also feature a traditional 3 buckle design, along with 2 loops in the back for a belt and sporran chain/belt.  These take up to 8 weeks to have made, though they usually get in much sooner than that.  Take a look at all the tartans available.  

Saturday, June 16, 2012

American Legacy Tartan

Tartan kilts seem to be one of the hardest type of kilts to decide on.  Being a history major in college, I have always been very interested in the history of our country.  Military history especially fascinates me.  Anytime I could I would sign up for the military history courses at college.  One thing they did was give me an appreciation for what men and women have done to give and protect the freedoms we have.  Their legacy is something that I don't think we should forget.  

This brings me to the reason for the American Legacy Tartan.  I have seen several different designs of the colors of the flag of the USA included in kilts.  Most of them are not readily available to buy.  The ones that are usually don't balance the colors red, white, and blue very well.  Either they have too much black or the blue is the only thing you can see.  I have always wanted to create an American tartan that balances the colors and looks good.  I also wanted it to be a reminder of the legacy that has been left by the men and women that have sacrificed so much for us.  I hope you enjoy this tartan kilt as much as I do.

 UT WILD Dark Khaki

The dark khaki is the newest color to be added to the WILD outdoor kilt. Almost exactly the same
as the black one, except has antiqued brass hardware on the kilt. 

Thursday, May 31, 2012

The long wait has finally came to an end!  The new UT WILD outdoor / wilderness kilts are finally here.  I have been trying to have this wilderness kilts made for about 6 months now.  After lots of prototypes, we finally have the finished WILD kilt.  I really think WILD is an appropriate term for this kilt.  Here are some pics with a detailed description of what it is offering.

    Two large, removable side cargo pockets with belt loops. 

    Both side cargo pockets will come off.  With belt loops on the back of each pocket, it is easy to run your belt right through them and have them hang from your belt.  Both pockets attach with two heavy duty snaps and Velcro to ensure they NEVER come off unless you want them too!

    Back and Side cargo pockets have elastic openings

    You will never have trouble fitting anything in these pockets.  The sides of these pockets are a tough elastic type material.  They will stretch to fit just about anything you might need to put in them

               NEW Black Antique Hardware 

All the hardware on this kilt is a black antique finish.  The changes from chrome hardware on the UT DELUXE.  It matches perfectly with many of the kilt belt buckles we currently offer.
  Velcro Closure
Need to get the kilt on and off in a hurry?  No worries.  We have dropped the snaps in favor of almost 12 inches of Velcro on the front waist band.  Not only is it easy to remove and put on, but can be adjust a little either way to get that PERFECT fit.

                                                    D Rings and Front Clips

Three D rings on the back and two clips on the front make attaching accessories a breeze. It not only allows easy access, but will allow you to carry anything that won't fit in the pockets.

                                  Two large back pockets
  These are not removable, but are big enough to hold just about anything you can put in them. 


Two Jeans-like pockets on either side

Still need more room?  Look no further than your hips, right above your cargo pockets.  They are TWO, one on each side, deep pockets that will hold just about anything.  This allow for easy access to things like wallet, keys, cellphone, etc. that you need to get to quickly.  
This idea actually came about accidentally.   I had never thought about using these types of pockets on a utility kilt.  When I got one of my first prototypes, my tailors added them in without telling me.  Loved it ever since!
Heavy duty Cotton material
The UT WILD is made from a heavy duty, 100 percent cotton material.  YOU will wear out before this kilt does!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

UT Kilts

This is the official blog of UT Kilts.  I will update as often as possible with new products that we receive.  Be on the look out for our new WILD outdoor utility kilt.