Saturday, June 16, 2012

American Legacy Tartan

Tartan kilts seem to be one of the hardest type of kilts to decide on.  Being a history major in college, I have always been very interested in the history of our country.  Military history especially fascinates me.  Anytime I could I would sign up for the military history courses at college.  One thing they did was give me an appreciation for what men and women have done to give and protect the freedoms we have.  Their legacy is something that I don't think we should forget.  

This brings me to the reason for the American Legacy Tartan.  I have seen several different designs of the colors of the flag of the USA included in kilts.  Most of them are not readily available to buy.  The ones that are usually don't balance the colors red, white, and blue very well.  Either they have too much black or the blue is the only thing you can see.  I have always wanted to create an American tartan that balances the colors and looks good.  I also wanted it to be a reminder of the legacy that has been left by the men and women that have sacrificed so much for us.  I hope you enjoy this tartan kilt as much as I do.

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