Friday, November 29, 2013

100% Traditional Wool Tartan Kilts.

These are just a few of the samples of the 100% Men's wool tartan Scottish kilts that are available for special order:

Douglas Tartan

MacMillan Black Tartan

Scottish National Tartan

Robertson Red Tartan

I have never believed that you needed to pay hundreds of dollars for a quality men's wool kilt.  Now, you don't have to.  UT Kilts now offers wool kilts for only $95.  Do not let the price fool you!  This is a quality made tartan kilt.  It is made from 13 oz wool fabric.  Depending on what size you order, 6 to 8 yards are used to make this kilt.  This ensures a good number of deep pleats so that all important 'swing' is there.  They also feature a traditional 3 buckle design, along with 2 loops in the back for a belt and sporran chain/belt.  These take up to 8 weeks to have made, though they usually get in much sooner than that.  Take a look at all the tartans available.  


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