Saturday, December 21, 2013

There is a little story behind the creation of the newest kilt at UT Kilts, the Ultimate Utility / Modern kilt with Comfort Waist.  I have been wearing kilts for some time now and thoroughly enjoy it.  I love the freedom of movement that wearing a kilt brings.  As I was sitting down to a formal dinner several months back, I was thinking that there must be a way that I could make a kilt that has a waist that could expand and contract as my body needed it.  Unless you are standing still, everyone's waist has movement that changes how things fit and feel.  So I came up with this idea of having a comfort waist made from an elastic material.  The key was to make it so you could not see on the waist that it was elastic.  This is where the idea of this new kilt was born.  With a little dedication (the design of this kilt started in May!), and some trial and error, we were able to come up with this amazing kilt.  Not only does it have this amazing comfortable waist, but it has enough pockets to carry anything you need.  It comes with two side cargo pockets, along with two back pockets.  In addition to that, there are also two slash pockets (jeans type pockets) on either aside.  There is also a pocket underneath the front apron.  This kilt has more than enough room for all the things you carry with you.  Check out the detailed description below along with a video of each of the new features.

Ultimate Utility / Modern Kilt with Comfort Waist

The UT Ultimate utility / modern kilt is revolutionizing kilt wearing.  This kilt features the most pockets on just about any kilt.  The Ultimate kilt also has Comfort Waist.  The only waist that adjust to YOU, not the other way around.  Here are the features of this amazing kilt:

  • Comfort Waist – Exclusively from UTK
The exclusive UTK Comfort Waist is going to change how you feel about kilts.  This Comfort Waist is an expandable waist that adjust to fit your size perfectly.  No adjusting of the kilt is necessary.  It will be the most comfortable kilt that you will ever wear.
  • Under-apron Front Pocket
A large pocket located underneath the front apron allows for a quick and easy storage, no sporran needed!
  • Two large side cargo pockets.
Go ahead!  Try and fill these up.  These are very large size cargo pockets with outside storage on the top of each pocket

  • Two back pockets
Two good size back pockets.  One has a flap that snaps shut, while the other is left open for easy access.

  • Two jeans-like slash pockets on either side
Still need more room?  Look no further than your hips, right above your cargo pockets.  There are TWO, deep slash pockets that will hold just about anything.  This allow for easy access to things like wallet, keys, cellphone, etc. that you need to get to quickly.  Does your current utility kilt do that?
  • Made from 100% Cotton material
The Ultimate is made from a durable Cotton fabric.  Rest assured this kilt will last!
  • Black Antique Hardware
All the hardware on this kilt is a black antique finish.  It matches perfectly with many of the kilt belt buckles we currently offer.
  • USA Seller with 2-3 day shipping
I ship within 1 business day.  Most people receive their kilt within 2 days. 
  • Standard 23" drop on all sizes

No one else sells this quality of kilt, with the same features, for the price I am offering.  I guarantee your satisfaction. 
Welcome to the most comfortable kilt wearing experience you will ever have!  


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